Hogsmill Field Diary

Rebecca Lambert, Hogsmill Project
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Between the 30th July and the 7th August, we will be undertaking our archaeological dig and environmental study of the Hogsmill River, at Southwood Activity centre. The majority of the work will be carried out by Kingston’s guides and scouts, under the guidance of KUTAS volunteers, staff from Reading University, and Surrey County Archaeological Unit. With a generous donation from The Heritage Lottery Fund, we hope to piece together some of the environmental history of the River, and its relationship with people of the past. Plans for the project are now well underway, with equipment bought and volunteers at the ready!

Watch this page for a daily diary during the week of the fieldwork, and don’t forget to come to our Open day on Saturday 6th August and see what we have found out – hope to see you there!

Rebecca Lambert BSc (hons) MSc (Oxon) AIfA
Project Manager, KUTAS HLF Hogsmill Project

Hogsmill Project day 8 – The Open Day

The Open Day: By 10am the site was buzzing with activity and anticipation. The exhibition was complete:  plenty of  maps – geological, LiDAR, old and current;   posters explaining the project and the history of the site;  a host of photos from the site diary;  and of course the great collection of finds from the week of [...]

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Hogsmill Field Diary – day 7 – digging deeper

No less than Three Reports today: Report 1: by Scanning for the unknown history below the ground, I could not wait until my metal detector would give off its first beep. I was paired up with my dad, and we made an excellent team. I would whizz around with the detector and my dad would [...]

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Hogsmill Field Diary – day 6 – the wettest day !

Team effort for writing today’s diary: Thursday started off very, very wet but that didn’t stop the digging because there was a gazebo over the test pit. It was a new pit and the turf had been removed. We had to dig down 10 cm at first, scraping the earth away with trowels. We found [...]

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Hogsmill Field Diary – day 5 – a day off (for most)

Our Project Manager Becky reports: Most people had today as a day off of site – perhaps just as well, as we had sun and temperatures up to 30 degrees! Not all were lucky enough to dodge the hard work today though! Phillip, our quartermaster, and Dougie, our field archaeologist, were on site laying out [...]

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Hogsmill Field Diary day 4

A report from Scouts Franklin and Nathan: Following the beckoning beep of the metal detector searching for Something, anything, other than another ring pull. After a few minutes of digging it became clear that we had found … yet another ring pull! So we set off once more. B E E P went the metal [...]

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Hogsmill Field Diary day 3 – the first working day

Geology A-Level student Alex tells us about his first day on site: I had a great time today, excavating the first two test trenches and helping out making the bore holes, taking samples from deep below the surface. I particularly enjoyed this; I found it fascinating to see the geographical and geological history of the [...]

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Hogsmill project training day

Sunday 31st July – our Training Day - with 22 people on site enjoying talks and demonstrations all day, helping us get ready for the week of activities ahead. The programme included background information putting the project into context with geological maps, LiDAR and AP survey information, as well as the historical research discovered so far.  This was followed by a [...]

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Setting up the Hogsmill project site

Today was a great day – finally after months of planning and preparation we were able to arrive on site and set up ready for the archaeological investigations and activities. Quartermaster Philip brought all the equipment he had been amassing over the last few weeks, and we had fun setting up gazebos, putting together tool [...]

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Hogsmill Project Training Day

PROGRAMME FOR THE PROJECT TRAINING DAY (SUNDAY 31ST July, 2011):  To be held on site at Southwood Activity Centre.   10.00      Becky Lambert (Project Manager) Introduction, General info,  Health &  Safety 10.45       Coffee Break 11.00       Margaret Broomfield   (Finds processing on site) 12.00       Kevin Williams  (Bore-holing, the methodology and safety aspects) 12.30       Lunch Break. 13.30       Julie Wileman  (Surveying on site) [...]

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Diary Entry – 24th July 2011


Well I cant believe that there’s only a week to go before the fieldwork begins – where does the time go! We have been very busy poring over some of the old maps of the Hogsmill area, and trying to identify the possible location of old river channels where we can put boreholes and test pits, that [...]

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